Fixing the PR Attached Documents View

Fixing the PR Attached Documents View

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If your purchasing team has trouble identifying items that end users request, and end users plan these items on workorders, you may ask your end users to attach a document to the Work Order so that purchasing has something to reference.

On the purchasing end, this can create a headache for your purchasers who now have to navigate through the PR Lines to identify all Work Orders associated, then navigate to those work orders and check the attachments for price quotes needed to identify materials.
To fix that, you can modify the DOCLINKS relationship on the PR object.

(ownertable=’PR’ and ownerid=:prid) or (ownertable = ‘COMPANIES’ and ownerid = (select companiesid from companies where company=:vendor and orgid=:orgid)) or (ownertable = ‘CONTRACT’ and ownerid = (select contractid from contract where contractnum=:contractrefnum and revisionnum=:contractrefrev and orgid=:orgid)) or (ownertable = ‘MRLINE’ and ownerid in (select mrlineid from mrline where mrnum in (select mrnum from prline where prnum=:prnum and siteid=:siteid)))

OR (ownertable = ‘WORKORDER’
and ownerid IN
  (select workorderid from workorder
  where wonum in (select refwo from prline where prnum = :prnum and siteid = :siteid

Voila, by clicking on view attachments, purchasers now no longer have to navigate to each individual work order.
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