Maximo 6.2 End Of Service Approaching

Maximo 6.2 End Of Service Approaching

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Maximo 6.2 End Of Service Approaching
Maximo Upgrade Chart On April 10, 2012, termination of support for IBM Maximo 6.2x, and supporting components was announced via IBM Announcement Letter #912-059. Effective September 30, 2013, fixes, patches, and
telephone support are no longer provided for Maximo 6.2.x and same version components and add-ons. There’s still time to plan an upgrade to IBM Maximo version 7.5 and take advantage of the valuable functionality that is offered in the latest product release. One proven path to upgrade is the Maximo upgrade utility which is part of the core product and may be available to you at no cost. Maximo Hosting options are available to streamline the upgrade process. These alternatives provide an excellent way to eliminate capital hardware expenditures and the burden on your local IT infrastructure. Maven’s Maximo Hosting Services provide flexibility and scalability, help maximize long-term ROI, and can enhance performance, availability and security. IBM recommends……performing these managed transitions through your trusted IBM Business Partner that has been trained on the Maximo 7.5 upgrade process. Maven has an experience and trained upgrade team ready to enhance your upgrade experience through proven planning and implementation methods.

If you are unable to upgrade now, IBM does offer Extended Maintenance to users who are current on their IBM subscription and support plans. In this case, you do have the option of purchasing an annual Extended Service Contract. While this can keep you covered for up to two years, note that it is priced at a premium, and there are additional qualifications which must be met.Extended Service can be a good path for organizations which have recently gone through – or are in the midst of an acquisition and need to maintain Maximo use at all costs.

Maven Simplifies The Process.

The chart graphic at the top of this article represents the complex upgrade paths up to Maximo 7.5x. If you are more than one or two versions behind, the chart demonstrates that multiple upgrade cycles are required. If this sounds costly, that’s because it can be.

If you are now running 6.2x or earlier, we can show you some sound and effective ways to upgrade without much of the cost and time spent on a typical multi-release upgrade. Maven also employs unique data migration tools which we’ve used hundreds of times to effectively and accurately move legacy data into new environments.

Maven’s combination of skills and experience, tools and time-saving methods translate into the most cost-effective and shortest path to your trouble-free Maximo upgrade.

To find out more about Maven’s upgrade capabilities, click “more info” below.

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