New One Minute Surveys Added

New One Minute Surveys Added

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Fast track: Click the blue bar or button at the bottom of this page to try it out!

We’ve added a new feature to the Maven Website, which we hope you’ll take advantage of. We have been working hard to provide our clients and colleagues with relevant and timely articles, and we would like your help to stay on track.

We know you are busy, so we’ve come up with what we call a One Minute Survey. It’s our guess that you’ll really only use 30 seconds or so to participate. From the questions we field every day, we have a pretty good feel for the pulse of the Maximo world, however we think it’s more important to be certain we know what you are thinking and what your Maximo needs are. This will ensure that we will always publish articles which are not only accurate and interesting, but useful to your organization and your career.

Look to the bottom of any of our website pages and you’ll see either a blue bar or a small blue tab at the right corner. When you click on it, you’ll be given the choice to respond to a simple survey, in fact, this month there is only one multiple choice question.

We only collect the number times each choice was selected and nothing more. You will be shown the tally each time you participate, and we’ll share the results in our newsletter each month, so you can find out what your colleagues’ responses are.

We’re not going to be pushy with this either. Ignore it or hide it if you prefer, or send us additional comments using any of the contact links on the site’s page. And, yes, we’ll only share your comments if you give us permission.

Thanks for checking in with us from time to time, and please participate with the survey this month, it will prove to be both informative and fun!


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