Experience the Ease of Maximo Work Centers

Experience the Ease of Maximo Work Centers

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Are you using Work Centers yet? If not, we suggest taking a test drive as they offer the perfect blend of Maximo simplicity and accessibility. In short, the Work Centers introduced in 7.6 are designed to offer a simplified view, or application, of Maximo components and are tailored for specific user personas including a Service Request, Technician, Supervisor and Business Analyst. Because each Work Center is tailored, your users are not overwhelmed by too many options, allowing them to stay focused and move quickly. A responsive display allows for ultimate accessibility, whether from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Access, view, and complete daily tasks anytime, anywhere.

The work centers are available to all Maximo clients – with no additional licensing fees. The only requirement is that you must be using version 7.6 – Work Centers will not be back-ported to Maximo 7.5. Head over to the Maximo 7.6 Preview site to try them out! Simply click the link for one of the 6 current personas and enter the corresponding user name and password.


You don’t have to choose between classic Maximo or Work Centers – You can use both interchangeably. You could set up the Work Centers for a particular set of users or security groups that fit the role and capabilities of the work centers, while others use the existing UI.

Both administrators and end users will have configuration options for the Work Centers. The current releases do not contain automated configuration tools like application designer, however, the continuous delivery model of Maximo is intended to build on that functionality.

In the next post we’ll show you how to configure Work Centers for your organization. In the meantime, check them out and let us know what you think!


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